Surface and Interface Science (2008-present)

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  1. K. Choudhary, T. Liang, K. Mathhew, B. Revard, A. Chernatynskiy, S. R. Phillpot, R. G. Hennig and S. B. Sinnott, Dynamical Properties of AlN Nanostructures and Heterogeneous Interfaces Predicted using COMB Potentials. Computational Materials Science 113, 80-87 (2016).
  2. Liang, M. Ashton, K. Choudhary, D. Zhang, A. F. Fonseca, B. J. Revard, R. G. Hennig, S. R. Phillpot and S. B. Sinnott, Properties of Ti/TiC Interfaces from Molecular Dynamics Simulations, Journal of Physical Chemistry C 120, 12530-12538 (2016) 10.1021/acs.jpcc.6b02763
  3. M. Hong, D. Lee, S. R. Phillpot, and S. B. Sinnott, A Mechanism for TiO2 Formation on Stepped TiN (001) from First-Principles Calculations, Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118, 384 (2014).
  4. M. Hong, J. L. Wohlwend, R. K. Behera, S. R. Phillpot, S. B. Sinnott, B. P. Uberuaga, Surface diffusion on SrTiO3 (100): A temperature accelerated dynamics and first principles study, Surface Science, 617 237-241 (2013). DOI: 10.1016/j.susc.2013.08.002
  5. Y.-T. Cheng, T.-R. Shan, B. Devine, D. W. Lee, T. Liang, B. Brooks-Hinojosa, S. R. Phillpot, A. R. Asthagiri, and S. B. Sinnott, Atomistic Simulations of the Adsorption and Mobility of Cu Adatoms on ZnO Surfaces using COMB Potentials, Surface Science 606 1280 (2012).
  6. C.-W. Lee, R. K. Behera, E. D. Wachsman, S. R. Phillpotand S. B. Sinnott, Stoichiometry of the LaFeO3 (010) Surface Determined from First Principles and Thermodynamic Calculations, Physical Review B 83, 115418 (2011).
  7. J. L. Wohlwend, C. N. Boswell-Koller, S. R. Phillpot and S. B. Sinnott, Molecular-Dynamics Simulation of Metal Oxide Growth in SrTiO3, Oxide-Based Materials and Devices, Proceedings of SPIE-The International Society for Optical Engineering, 7603 (2010)
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